AppSperia App Landing Page

This document contains general information and step by step guidelines
on how to set up the theme.

Get started

Getting started

Files and folders organization.

Demos / Color Variations

AppSperia has 4 variations: Food App (red color), Creative App (blue color), Travel App (green color), Game App (yellow color). Each demo has 3 styles: Dark , Light & Video Background


Left Side Navigation - from index.html

Section Anchors , Navigation Speed & Other Options - from scripts.js

App Images ( Right Sided Mock-up)

Each section has it's own preview image - recommended resolution 232px x 407px

Background Image

Find background image in Style.css. - Only for light/dark variations

Background Video

Find background video in assets folder - Video.mp4 - Only for video background variations

Video options and link in js/video.js


Each page has '.section' class & unique id from #section0 to #section9


Example: < span class="icon flaticon-desktop1">

Check full icon list Here


Change screnshots links from '.screenshots-wrapper' container.

Contact Form

The Contact Form layout in index.html

Contact form uses php to send emails. In contact.php file , change the current email to your email address.



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